Thursday, 14 May 2015

Festival Must Haves

Another post for my festival series I've been doing recently to get everyone in the summery mood!
I've been browsing online to find some cool bits I can bring with me to Reading; just fun bits that probably aren't essential but I need them in my life

This one is definitely an essential for a British festival, who knows what the weather will be like, so this lightweight mac from Alice Takes A Trip is perfect. Love the pastel pink and giant storm cloud on the back
This festival kit from Topshop looks really good - I mainly need the compactable cup and ear buds. But it also comes with a whistle, tissues, hair chalk and a few other bits. Bit of a novelty, but you get your money's worth
If you've always wanted to try out colourful hair, festivals are great time to do it. These hair chalk highlights in Brazen from flashmob come with 3 amazing colours, and will distract from unwashed hair whilst you're away
Another essential, in my opinion, is this adorable Audiology portable phone charger from Urban Outfitters. They come in loads of colours and it's always better to be safe than sorry and purchase one of these before you go so you can stay in contact with your friends, and people back at home just in case. 
Another popular way to cover a bad hair day at a festival is to chuck on a flower garland, and i adore this one from Monki. Everyone can pull them off, and why not wear massive flowers on your head whilst you're in the mosh pit? Have fun with it right!?
One of my favourite things at Reading last year was the silent disco, and these 'Electric Kisses' lipsticks from Flashmob would have looked so good in the neon lights whilst my friends and I were dancing away. And there's a colour for every night.
And if you really wanted to push the boat out, you can wear these 'Superstar Nova' intensifying eyeliners as well (or rock eyes instead of lips). The colours of these are super pretty and will brighten up any tired eyes too! 
Lastly on my list of festival must haves, are these hair rings from Regal Rose. The feathers will give you a cool boho vibe, and you can wear these all the time, not just at festivals or in the sun. 

What are you're must haves this festival season? And what you excited to see or do this summer? Let me know! 
Love Nikki xxx

*photos are not mine

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