Friday, 8 May 2015

Festival Outfit Inspo

Can you tell I'm so f*cking excited for festival season! I am going to Reading again this year, yay yay! And festivals = summer, which also equals great outfit inspiration. Even if you're not attending any festivals this summer, you can still dress like you are. Here are a few simple outfit ideas - clothing from Motel Rocks and a few simple and interchangeable accessories from ASOS

If you're feeling brave, then this cream dress will be great for a hot day at a festival. The sunglasses and Dr Martins toughen it up a bit, and you can throw on a jumper or shirt if it gets a bit cooler in the evening

At a festival you can sometimes find yourself to be sitting around a lot during the mornings and early afternoon, so these trousers will provide maximum comfiness. The bralet adds a pop of colour, and I find at festivals Vans are the best shoe to wear when you know later on you'll be running all about the place and dancing all night. The bumbag, maybe a bit controversial for some, is a staple for festivals; it can hold your essentials, you have your hands free, and you're not annoying anyone behind you in the crowd with a massive backpack. 

I am obsessed with this dress and it's boho, hippie vibe. And the hat and duffle completes the outfit. I added the vibrant wellies just to add a bit of colour, and wellies are essential for a British festival!

This jumpsuit is so easy to wear, and again, on cold and rainy days you can just chuck anything over the top. The mini backpack is a great option if you plan on carrying around your essentials and some other bits too (like a blanket or a spare jumper), and as it's mini it wont be to much of an annoyance for others (I don't know if this is just me? But I don't get why people wear backpacks if they plan on being right in the crowd, am I the only one?)

Hope you like my 4 simple festival outfit ideas, hopefully this give you guys some inspiration and is getting you excited for summer!
Let me know what you're planning on wearing this summer & what festivals you're going to! 

Nikki xx

*photos are not mine

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