Friday, 16 May 2014

Beauty Buys

As I've said before, I am not really very knowledgable about beauty products. I can just about manage putting mascara on in the morning without poking myself in the eye, but again I am doing a post on some recent beauty buys that I wanted to share with you all
*I apologise for the appaling quality of these photo's, I had to use my phone

I've heard of the buzz around Real Technique brushes, and thought they'd be a good first purchases for some decent quality brushes to last me some time. From Feel Unique I got the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit, £20.99. I thought the price was really good, as I think a single brush is around £9 so buying the kit was better value. As it is called the 'Core Collection' I figured they were four necessary brushes, and I definitely appreciate having these four. It comes with the contouring brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and the buffing brush (I apologise for not cleaning them beforehand as well, but I'm too lazy for all that :P). All 4 are so soft and nice to use, and I love putting my make up on now. I would definitely recommmened these to any make up novices'! 

The other day I ran out of foundation! Nightmare! So I popped into town and searched for something different - I ended up getting the Revlon Photoready Foundation, £12.99. I got it in Shell, which fits my skin tone really nicely, and it feels really smooth over my skin. It is very shimmery, which I'm presuming is why it makes you 'photo ready', so I was a bit worried it would make me look like Edward Cullen in the sunlight, but over the day as I checked my make up I think it looked quite nice and brightening. Again, would recommened! 

Revlon again, as it was 3 for  2 in the drugstore, so I bought 2 of their new Colourburst Matte Balms. They also have Laquer ones, but I'm not a fan of glossy lips. The colour options were so nice and it was really hard to choose, but I choose 245, Audacious (bottom) and 205 Elusive. Audacious suits me the most I think, and as the weather is getting super nice, touch wood, I'm going to be wearing it a lot! And Elusive is really nice for like a simple and more natural make up day, it's a really stereotypical pink colour and looks really good matte. They are £7.99 each, which is an alright price, depending on your price range, but for the quality of Revlon I think it is worth it. 

Another lip product is the Lip Bullet in Bewitched by Topshop, £8. As you can see I've been using this a lot, and I've been applying it using my detailer brush, but I've never actually worn it out of the house. It's a REALLY dark purple, in some lights it could look black, but I bought it for my prom which is next month and it goes really well with my outift. As it's for prom I don't want to wear it yet. One thing I don't like about it, but I think is because it is so dark, is that it seaps a little bit so I'm going to go back to Topshop and buy the matching liner. But other than, it is so good. I wore it in the shower once and literally didn't budge. 

Finally, I got given these two Max Factor Mini Nail Polishes. These shades are Red Carpet Glam, number 11 and Cloudy Blue, number 10. They're really cute and dinky, quick drying and last a good 7 days. They are really affordable too, at £3.99 each! 

So that's all of my recent beauty buys. Hope you enjoyed this post. Although I've still got a month of exams left, hopefully I'll be a bit more consistent with writting.
Lots of love, Nikki. xxxxx

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