Friday, 18 April 2014

Mini Haul

In a past post I said I'd given up shopping for lent, but as you've guessed from my last post I did break a week early (although I do think I still lasted the 40 days as I did start lent 2 weeks early). So in the past week I've bought a couple of things and I wanted to share them with you all. 

First is this Sirene ring from Bleached Jewellery, it was £3.50 which I thought was a great price for the size. I fell in love with the cool rock stone thing on the ring, each ring is slightly different because they hand cut each stone when you order it. It also has a stretchy metal band, so you can alter it to fit any finger.

I featured these rings in my last post, and I thought they were really simple and easy to wear. They are from Topshop and online they are £6.50, but I actually got them for £2.50 in the sale at my local Topshop store, so it's probably best to pop into a store to see what they've got in their sale, you never know what you mind find; Topshop sales I find are very hit and miss. These 3 plain rings are also midi rings, as you can tell by the above photo, of my hand, and they look really cool with everything I've tried at the moment.

Another piece of jewellery is this necklace from Bleached Jewellery again, it was £3.50 so a bargain and it can be worn as a loose necklace but I like to wear it as a choker. I don't think they sell the Hamsa one anymore, but they have other versions of this necklace, and just loads of cool pieces that are worth checking out. 

The first piece of clothing I got was this black a-symmetrical skirt from Topshop, that I can't actually find online, but it was £20 and I thought it was a great price for Topshop and for such a cool cut skirt. I find that cropped tops work better with this than tucking a regular shirt into it, but it looks really cool and edgy with certain pieces, for example my leather jacket. 

From Motel Rocks I got this cool Boxy crop top, I love the colour and the pattern (I have a dress with the red version of this pattern) and it looks really cool with black bottoms and my chocker necklace. It was £25, but you can get a 20% discount with my discount code 'simpleenough'. I read the reviews and a lot of them mentioned the head hole being a bit tight to actually get over your head, but as I have a bigger than average head (yep, laugh at me) I didn't think much of it and with a regular sized head I'd imagine the hole would be fine. :D One thing that did worry me was that I ordered a medium, but got sent a small, but it actually fits perfectly and still covers the necessary areas. 

Lastly, I got these New Look cut out chunky sandals, £27.99. I did want the lower strapped ones, but they had sold out in my size so bought the high topped ones, but I absolutely love them! I haven't actually worn these out the house yet as they got delivered this afternoon, but they are really comfortable so far and easy to walk in, and look really cool. One thing I would mention is that I got a size 5 but they are slightly too big. But other than that they are the perfect shoes for spring/summer as I can wear socks and tights with them when it's a bit chilly or bare footed when it's warmer.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I so much prefer talking about what I actually own; and if your nosey like me you'll enjoy these more personal posts too. 
Don't forget I do have a Motel Rocks discount 'simpleenough' like I mentioned earlier, so use that to get 20% off all your orders, and I will be back again next week!

Lots of love, Nikki. xxxxx

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