Friday, 14 March 2014

Etsy Finds

As my time of no spending continues, my online browsing is steadily increasing; and Etsy is a great place to spend hours scrolling through all the cute things. I thought I'd share some things that I really love, some I've loved for a while, some are new finds. Let me know any cool stores on Etsy you love or think I'll like, the quirkier the better!

I've had my eye on this store for a while, they do loads of cool faux taxidermy, all in really cool and vibrant colours. Taxidermy has kind of made a revival, and faux is probably the best way to go about it ethically and all. And you can't get a real Moose Head in such a cool colour for such a good price. Definitely worth checking out if you want to add a bit of colour to your home!

I love this style of ring, that just wrap around your finger, and I think this one had a really cool rustic feel. It's simple, but at the same time really unique. An all rounder really.

Another home item; this store do loads of unique lighting. And I just thought this lamp shade would look so cool in the living room or bedroom. I also really like the store cause it's origami and paper based. Just check it out for quirky and individual lighting, at varied prices.

Again another home piece, and I just think this would really stand out in a really simple kitchen on a blank wall. This store do loads of really bespoke, rustic and nature-based clocks, which I really love the style of. 

The shape of this really attracted me, and the store has loads of classic looking leather bags. This one also comes in brown. This backpack would look good with any day outfit, and would be great to shove anything you need in for a day trip somewhere in the summer. 

The price for this is AMAZING. It looks so cute, and on a beach or at a festival will look so cool. It just has that summery feel that right now I'm really feeling. This store also sells really cool kimonos and loads of stuff in really floral summery prints. I'll definitely be checking it out when I want some new summer items

I think this is the best piece of jewellery I've ever seen on Etsy. I love the black with silver flakes, and the double finger style would look so edgy and cool with everything. Unfortunately I don't know how much this is at the moment, as the store owner is currently away, but I think I'd pay anything to own this. 
*Ps, I apologies for the picture.

I hope you guys feel inspired to check out more independent stores, and let me know any stores you're loving on 
Lots of love, Nikki xxxxx

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