Friday, 21 March 2014

Black Boot Collection

I never post much about the things I actually own (as I'm too focused on what I want than the things I have). But I thought it'd be nice to mix it up and show you lovely guys some of my shoes; which are mostly black boots, the focus of todays post (and now I sound like a lecturer).


These are from River Island, and they are chunky black cut out ankle boots with gold buckle details. I can't find them online, so they might not sell them anymore, but I got them last October and they were around £40 I believe. I rarely wear these, but I do really like them, and after wearing them around in my room for a bit for this post I have rediscovered why I bought them. Personally, I think they look best with rolled up leggings or jeans, with cute little socks, but they work well with dresses and tights. 

These are probably my most worn black boots, and they are from Again, I can't find them online, but do so many different styles of cut out boots and at a really good price so I'd advise checking them out if you want some good cut out boots. I wear these with everything, and the cut out sides let's me show off my glittery socks that I love so much! 

These are from New Look, and I got them around September 2012. The soles of one of these shoes is superglued on though, as these are not very waterproof, but I just wanted some black boots that were a bit edgy and different and these were a great price too. Again, New Look is a great place for affordable shoes!

I think these were my first proper heels, and I got them when I was like 15 (3 years ago) from New Look for a friends 16th birthday. I do love wedges, as they are super comfy, and I clearly like black and gold, so these are perfect for me. Although I do have quite wide feet, so I do get slight discomfort after wearing these for a long time. These are just really cute, and affordable and have lasted me a good time!

I believe these are from Daisy Street, and again I'm not sure of the price, but you can probably get this style of shoe in most high street stores. I just really liked the little stud buttony gold things all over the shoe, cause they look really cool. And they are actually so comfy! I last all night in these when I go out in them, and they slip on and off really easily. I also think these are good for day time, cause they are walkable and look cool with casual outfits. 

So that is a bit of my shoe collection; I hope you liked this post, and hopefully I can do more like this. Also, I hope you appreciate my really cute fairy lights and purple carpet! :D 
Lots of love, Nikki. xxxxx

Ps, I apologise for the mud on some of my boots. The weather in England has only started to dry up, and that mud is very stubborn! But you know, it gives a good worn look ;)

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