Friday, 28 March 2014


Hey guys! So, in the past couple of months or so I've been really obsessed with watching beauty and fashion vloggers on youtube. It's not that I don't like reading blogs, which all of these girls I'm about to mention have too I believe, but I think watching someone actually talking about the items is just really lovely. You know they're not being fake with what they are saying, and you get more of an insight into the product I think. Vlogs are also just really good for tutorials and outfit ideas and things like that. 
These girls are my favourites at the moment; they are all really different in their styles and what they like and dislike.

I think Leanne was the first you-tuber I started watching that was more fashion focused, and the main thing that I love about her is her edgy style - it's basically what I aspire to. Her cool pink hair obviously makes her stand out, and she is really confident and sure on her fashion style. I also think she is really relatable to me personally, because on the beauty side of things she says she isn't as sure and is still learning and I think that's really great for anyone like me who is also just getting into beauty and experimenting with make-up. 

Estée has the best personality ever! That's definitely the first thing you notice about her, and she just makes her videos so entertaining, she's so funny and you can really see that she is excited about the products she recommends. I also love her tutorials as they are really simple to follow. She is 99% focused on beauty and is really good for beginners and also life time lovers of make up and beauty. 

Sammi is a beauty and fashion vlogger, so it's great to get a mix of both. She also has a different style to the other 3, and she definitely knows what works for her. She also does bits of life advice and things like that; she's just chatty and bubbly and I think that is her appeal to all her subscribers, she just seems to friendly and humble. I really enjoy watching her videos and I'd advise you check her out too!

Out of these 4 I think Lily Pebbles is the most simple when it comes to her style and her make up, so she is really good for everyday simple looks. Her channel is mainly beauty, with a few fashion hauls. She's really different to the other 3, as like I said she's really simple with her looks, but I really enjoy her videos as she mixes it up with high end and high street products, so there are things for everyone. 

These four are my most watched on youtube, but I also watch Amelia Liana, Tanya Burr, Claire Marshall and Zoella

Hope this interested you all, as I know youtube fashion and beauty videos have become really popular recently (or maybe they always have been and I just didn't know). Let me know any you-tubers you love, I'd love to check them out, or if you do youtube videos yourself! 
Lots of love, Nikki. xxxxx

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