Monday, 12 January 2015

I Heart Drop Dead

Pretty sure the first time I bought something from Drop Dead I was like 14. It was a pink and yellow baseball tee, with a zombie baseball player on. I'd probably still wear it, if it actually fit - it was awesome. But I'm ashamed to say I haven't ever bought anything else from Drop Dead since. 
But as BMTH fan and follower of Hannah Snowdon on Instagram (Oli's tattoo artist GF, who models for DD & did her own collab collection), I've always browsed their collections. So here is my current wish list.

Dark Hand Kimono (Long)//£35

Just a few of their many unique and pretty rad pieces. Definitely check them out if you want a bit of alternative in your wardrobe. 

Nikki xxxxx

*I don't own any of these photo's

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